Cosmic Fleets: Version History

  • Universe meta-game put on pause: stay tuned for it's return. Never saw it? Click here to check out how the game used to work.
  • Streamlined UI
  • Trophy losses and gains come from battles instead of planet control
  • Find a Match Button + Matchmaking
  • Tweaks to combat balance
  • Tutorial & Ads for Gems
  • Initial Beta Launch
  • Sound FX Added
  • Various minor tweaks and fixes
  • New Offenses Added: Jetpackers, Cralwers, Stun Bombs, Repair Bot
  • New Defenses Added: Mega Laser, Bomb Squad, Gusher, Stun Mine
  • Larger Procedural Universe
    • Supports up to 10,000 planets (currently 378)
    • Better PvE Bases
    • Multiverse support added
  • Loot Changes
    • Raid loot based solely on Planetary Defense level
    • Raiding includes mine resources
  • Balance Changes
    • Gold gain updated
    • Battleship Fuel increased
  • Lots of small fixes and tweaks
  • Mothership Added
    • Access your mothership in the left panel to upgrade your ships and defenses
    • Upgrade levels added to all defenses and ships
    • Mine, storage, and planetary defense buildings added to upgrade your storage.
  • Burst Turret Reworked - the burst turret is now a long range weapon that lobs 6 projectiles at enemies and does splash damage
  • Lots of small bug fixes and tweaks.
  • Initial Prototype
  • Universe conquering and base building
  • Real-time space battle combat