Cosmic Fleets Beta: Tutorial (v1.2)

Cosmic Fleets is a mobile strategy game that allows players to build and command a powerful space fleet to conquer others in a vast universe.


  • Attack a planet to conquer it
  • Build Defenses on it to protect it
  • Collect Trophies while you hold it
  • Most Trophies == You Win


A: Green - planets you have captured.
B: Red - planets enemies have captured.
C: No Color - not capturable, but can be raided for resources.
D: Your Mothership - hovers next to the planet you are currently located at.
E: Yellow ring - planet you are currently viewing.
F: White ring - radius you can attack within.

Your Planets

Your Planets
A: Your Resources - Fuel is used to attack, Crates to defend.
B: Your username and current trophy count.
C: Mines give you extra resources every half hour or so.
D: Tap a defense to build it at this planet.
NOTE: You can only build on planets your Mothership is at.
E: Tap the defense to move it.
F: You only have so much space to build.

Enemy Planets

Enemy Base
A: Attack this base or simply Travel to it.
B: Loot you'll gain from a succesful Attack.
Note: Capturing planets rewards you with trophies. Non-capturable planets do not.


A: Tap a button then the screen to deploy a weapon.
B: Destroy the planet and you win.
C: If your ship is destroyed you lose.


A: Tap a structure to upgrade it and make it more powerful.
B: Tap an attacker to increase the number you take into battle.
C: Each attacker takes up "Capacity" and costs "Fuel" (but only at the time of the attack).

Pro Tips

Upgrade your Mothership, Battleship, and Planetary Defense System!
Upgrading your Mothership (the tall tower structure) lets you upgrade other structures to higher levels. Upgrading your Battleship (the big ship) lets you bring more attackers into combat. Upgrading your Planetary Defense System (the 5 buildings) lets you deploy more defenses to a planet.

Keep Attacking!
Once you destroy a defense it's gone forever so it may take a few attacks to take down a planet.

Capture Planets!
Once you capture a planet it will turn green and you can collect gold and trophies from it.