My name is Carl Larsson (aka kierkle). In 2018, I founded Tricky Token LLC, a mobile game studio in Los Angeles. I closed the business in 2019 and currently work for Singularity 6 doing great stuff. Check out some of the games I created while working on my own below:

Sea Champs

A real-time synchronous multiplayer mobile game.
Download a very early prototype now:
Android | WebGL


A massively multiplayer strategy game with real-time space combat.
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Version History | Support


These are some of the projects I've worked on as an indivdual.


Dawn of Titans: Fantasy strategy game on mobile platforms.
Empires & Allies: Military strategy game on mobile platforms.
Solstice Arena: a MOBA on mobile platforms and Steam.
Mixamo: online animation tool.


This is the fun stuff. I love to make games or things that look like games or just experiment with tech.
Shoot Or Move (LudumDare43): Local multiplayer space battles where you can either Shoot or Move.
Hot Tub Stu (LudumDare42): I'm not really sure what to say about this one ... it's silly?
City Surgeon (LudumDare41): City Builder and Surgeon Simulator cross for the theme: "two opposite genres"
Knight (Test): Emscripten test using OpenGL, SDL, C++
Vacuum Platformer (LudumDare40): Puzzle platformer for theme: "the more you have the worse it gets".
Tiny Monster Isle (GBJam2016): Online multiplayer survival game with gameboy graphics.
Swarm (Prototype): Minimalist online multiplayer strategy game.
Sparkle (Prototype): Online multiplayer coop top down space monster hunter.
Lizards (Test): my first Unity3D test - all that's left is a few blog articles I wrote.